Wednesday, September 9, 2009


"Yes, we play Quidditch. Yes, it involves broomsticks. Sure, it's pretty ridiculous. Sorry, we can't actually fly." -'Pitt Quidditch' Facebook Group

I love Harry Potter and from the first time I read the books in 4th grade I have dreamt of playing quidditch. My dream has come true. I play on my Pitt's quidditch club/team and its so much fun! Many colleges and universities across the country have
quidditch teams and even participate in tournaments. I'm currently working on t-shirt ideas for the team and we may even go to the World Cup. Here's a picture of us playing in our first game of the season:

Playing quidditch is awesome, not only for it's Harry Pottery goodness but for the amalgam of sports it sprouts from. Quidditch is dodgeball, soccer and rugby all mixed together in one magical potion(I just had to say it). It's a great workout and the different positions allow for endless fun and merriment. The rules are taken from the books— with adjustments made for the fact that we muggles can't fly.

If you ever have a chance, play some Quidditch!