Friday, August 21, 2009

President Barack Obama's Crafty Mom and Her Amazing Fabric Collection

We all know that President Barack Obama’s Mother, Ann Dunham, was a huge influence on the President, and that she exposed him to many cultures around the world. But did you know she was also an art collector? During the family’s time in Indonesia in the 1960’s, Ann Dunham collected amazing hand dyed batik textiles.

Batik is a traditional technique in which hot wax is used to create designs on fabric during the dye the process. Craftster has tons of
examples and discussions of batik and other dyeing techniques. Even more information can be found on the Fiber Arts Boards.If you are lucky enough to be in Washington DC this weekend, you can see Obama’s Mother’s collection at the Textile Museum until Aug 23.

I wish I could go to DC ans see the exhibit at the Textile Museum. I LOVE fabric so I'm definitely going to go there one day. As a crafty person, I love the fact that President Obama's Mom had an appreciation for the arts. Yet another reason to love President Obama and his family.