Thursday, August 13, 2009

Me and My Afro

I cut my chemically-treated hair in December of 2008. Earlier that year, I got a bad chemical burn during one my routine so-called "relaxers". I was scared out my mind from but then I thought to myself: "Why am I doing this?" I have NEVER liked perms and I have ALWAYS admired natural hair. After a little thought, I transitioned to natural via kinky twists. I planned to keep them up in for a year and then do the 'big chop' but I got inpatient. I cut off my permed hair and was pleasantly surprised to see an awesome Afro.

I am soo much happier with natural hair and I am going to start locs...eventually. In terms of social life, I always get people that want to touch my hair— which I just laugh at. It's funny that they are curious about how it feels. I must admit my hair mesmerizes me. It's not often that many Black women get to see their hair in a natural state. I can't stop myself from playing with it constantly and I love it very much. I have gotten many compliments on my Afro and I love it. My hair is my crowning glory— No matter how corny that sounds.