Friday, August 14, 2009

Student Reporter Damon Weaver Interviews President Barack Obama

I love the questions Damon is asking President Obama. He's right on the money and is a very good interviewer. President Obama is on the right trackAmerica's future is dependent on lasting and effective education reform.

As a kid who went to a 'not-so-great' high school I know that we have a major problem. It's an inconvenient truth that there are great disparities between quality of education in America and that should not be so. We need to encourage charter schools so that ALL parents have a reasonable choice in their children's education. Parents need to take responsibility for their children's educationThey can no longer sit back and assume that everything is taken care of. Too many children fall through the cracks. We need to fund our Gifted and Talented programs more while still paying attention to the special education programs. Preschool and kindergarten must be taken overhauled so that kids are prepared to read ad write when the grow older.We have enough money and resources to make lasting and effective education reform possiblethe question is: "Will we?"