Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sequel to Freakonomics: Superfreakonomics

If you haven't read Freakonomics yet, you definitely should. In Freakonomics, University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen J. Dubner argue that economics is in fact the study of incentives and explore the hidden side of everythingconnecting the economic dots between things like sumo wrestler and teachers.

As if that wasn't enough, there's gonna be a sequel of sorts
Superfreakonomics. I loved the first book. Never before has economics been so interesting. I just can't wait until it comes out in the fall. I think I might pre-order it... The fact that the university I attend might have the authors come to give a lecture makes the upcoming book release infinitely more exciting.



SBush said...

The Steves are coming to Pitt?! When? I got distracted and never finished Freakonomics, but I loved what I read. Maybe I'll pick it back up soon.


♥ Efe ♥ said...

Last I heard, the Pitt Program Council was still planning. They sent out a Facebook message asking if everyone thought it was a good idea a while ago. I hope they come out-- It'd be awesome.

Ohh and you should definitely finish reading Freakonomics--It's too awesome for words.